Is Bruins’ Coaching Change Bad News for Maple Leafs’ Keefe?

As Damien Cox of the Toronto Star noted in his column yesterday, the Toronto Maple Leafs’ head coach Sheldon Keefe’s biggest failing is that he hasn’t yet won during the first round of the playoffs. (from “Fire Leafs’ coach Sheldon Keefe? After 10 games? Don’t be ridiculous,” Damien Cox, Toronto Star, 31/10/2022).

Cox goes on to add that talk of firing coach Keefe after 10 games into the season is ridiculous. It’s much too early, even though the record is a mighty poor and unexpected 4-4-2. 

However, Cox rightly warned that, if things don’t improve (or, my gosh, even get worse) over the next 10 games, that might push Kyle Dubas into making a move he clearly doesn’t want to make. 

There Are Good Reasons to Stick with Keefe Right Now

Sure the team has come off what should have been a relatively easy western road trip with a really poor performance. That said, isn’t this a not-so-instant replay of what happened with the Maple Leafs’ last season? That team woke up to set franchise records in wins and points. 

Although, as noted earlier, the sin was Toronto not winning the Stanley Cup. In fact, I’m betting that, for Maple Leafs’ fans, only winning the Stanley Cup would have kept them off his back.

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