Oral arguments for Sackett v. EPA stick to semantics as SCOTUS poised to damage Clean Water Act next

The start of oral arguments for the Supreme Court’s October 2022 term began with Sackett v. EPA, a case that appears to hinge on whether the wetlands on the Sackett’s Idaho property falls under the Clean Water Act’s purview. The start of the October 2022 Supreme Court term began with the highest court in the U.S. hearing oral arguments in the case Sackett v. Environmental Protection Agency, a case in which the term “navigable waters” as included in the Clean Water Act could drastically change if the majority-conservative Supreme Court has its way. A recent interview with the Sackett’s lawyer, Damien Schiff, gets to … Read more

Gutting of Roe depressed rural voter turnout, hurting Republicans in special elections

In every one of those races, Democrats also outperformed Joe Biden’s showing in the 2020 election. The notion that the high court’s gutting of Roe is actually depressing the rural vote actually aligns with recent polling released by the progressive group Rural Organizing and YouGov Blue. The survey found that a candidate’s pro-choice position was the most important issue tested among rural voters polled in 10 battleground states, even outpacing party ID (i.e., being a Republican), which came in second.  The polling also found that a hypothetical Democratic candidate got a far bigger boost in support among rural voters after an … Read more

Black mother wrongfully detained six days after giving birth

The department has started an administrative review of the incident. Officers said in the news release that they were responding to a 3:30 PM alert from the county’s license plate reader that “a felony vehicle with occupants listed as armed and dangerous” was traveling in the Fairfax jurisdiction. “Patrol officers soon found the vehicle, conducted a felony vehicle stop and detained the occupants,” police said in the release. “Two adult women and two children were discovered in the vehicle.” In the process of detaining those in the vehicle, an officer’s cruiser “struck the front bumper of the wanted vehicle while traveling … Read more

During debate, O’Rourke slams Abbott’s nativist policies as expensive, stunts, and ‘dangerous’

Campaign Action Abbott’s office has previously bristled at criticism that his stunt of busing thousands of human beings to regions including Washington, D.C., Chicago, and New York City is a stunt, but that’s exactly what it is. NBC News reported early Monday morning that Abbott had sent another busload of human beings to Vice President Kamala Harris’ official residence. “Pressed by a moderator about why Abbott has only sent migrants to states governed by Democrats, Abbott suggested that another round of buses would be deployed to other cities that he did not name,” The Washington Post reported. But he’s only saying that because … Read more

There’s no stopping the Ukrainian advance

Ukrainian tactical … cat? In service with Ukraine’s 59th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade. Poor Vlad Putin. Despite his fake “annexation” of four Ukrainian oblasts, none under Russia’s full control, Ukraine’s military advances have continued unabated. If Russia looked incompetent and out of its depth before, the message is now even starker: Putin can’t defend Mother Russia. And if history tells us anything, it’s that defending the country is a Russian leader’s single most important job.  And Putin is failing it. I suspect we’ll see dramatic consequences of this failure. Big picture, Ukraine notched massive gains in September: x Over the month of September … Read more

John Kennedy throws out the dog whistle, goes full GOP in new racist ad

Campaign Action Of course, Kennedy isn’t stupid—although he tries to sound as if he is. He knows perfectly well that the term “crackhead,” which came to use during the 1980s crack epidemic and the early War on Drugs, led to the incarceration and vilification of millions of Black Americans, as The Associated Press reported. According to Salon, during an interview on Fox News, Kennedy ticked off a list of ways to decrease crime in his state. He called for more cops on the streets, higher salaries in our “woke environment,” better support by “woke” leaders for law enforcement, and for … Read more

We can’t forget about the House. That’s why Daily Kos is endorsing a dozen fantastic Democrats

Yes, Democrats are heading into a difficult midterm protecting a very narrow majority in the House. The GOP needs to flip just five seats to take control, and we’re defending a lot of vulnerable members. But that’s only part of the story. Thanks to Republicans nominating a string of bizarre candidates, the continued defection of suburban voters from the GOP, and a few wily Democratic successes in redistricting, there’s a whole host of districts where Democrats can go on offense and turn seats from red to blue. And we haven’t even mentioned the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. … Read more

Facebook shares continue to tumble, prompting whispers of a stock ‘death spiral’

As CNBC notes in a recent story on Facebook’s—erm, Meta’s—travails, the company’s market cap, which was $1 trillion at this time last year, has since shrunk by two-thirds, and the stock is at its lowest point since January 2019. In fact, the stock has been the fifth-worst performer on the S&P 500 index this year. Facebook’s business was built on network effects — users brought their friends and family members, who told their colleagues, who invited their buddies. Suddenly everyone was convening in one place. Advertisers followed, and the company’s ensuing profits — and they were plentiful — provided the … Read more

Pillow Man Mike Lindell is now certain the FBI used a tracking device to find him at Hardee’s

In the following clip from the grounds of Saturday’s Loser-Palooza Rally in Michigan, a Right Side Broadcasting Network reporter (probably Liz Willis, but if I stare at these pictures too long I fear my soul will leave my body and eventually wake up drunk in a Culver’s bathroom stall in Brainerd) asks Lindell about the harrowing incident, and Lindell promptly shares his latest goofball grievance. Watch: x Out at the Trump rally, Lindell says he believes the FBI illegally put a tracking device on him to nab him at the Hardees, but he can’t prove it yet. pic.twitter.com/kaktbZ3oak — Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 … Read more

Republicans dump $2 million on TV ads to help them win the Ohio Supreme Court

At stake is an enormous array of issues, including abortion rights and redistricting. Currently, Republicans hold a 4-3 majority on the court, but Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor repeatedly sided with Democrats this year to strike down gerrymandered GOP maps for both Congress and the state legislature. O’Connor, however, is stepping down this year after hitting the mandatory retirement age of 70, so there’s a battle to replace her as chief justice between two incumbents: Democrat Jennifer Brunner and Republican Sharon Kennedy. The outcome of that contest likely won’t affect the partisan balance of the court because the governor would be … Read more